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Handbook of CCL Microbes in Drinking Water


Autoři: Martha A. Embrey, Rebecca T. Parkin, John M. Balbus, The George
Vydáno: 2002
Handbook of CCL Microbes in Drinking Water is the first compilation and analysis of the published literature on the microbial pathogens that are named on the US Environmental Protection Agency?s Contaminant Candidate List (CCL). The CCL includes 10 waterborne microbial pathogens, nine of which are being considered for further federal regulation in drinking water- Adenovirus Aeromonas hydrophila (and other pathogenic species Caliciviridae Coxsackievirus Cyanobacteria Echovirus Helicobacter pylori Microsporidia Mycobacterium avium complex Each of these contaminants receives a thorough discussion, including - Why they were selected for possible regulation - Where they are found in the environment - How they affect human health - How their diseases are transmitted - Their minimum infective doses - The effectiveness of medical treatment - To what extent the general population is at risk - Which subpopulations are especially susceptible - The role of waterborne exposure - Their detection methods in raw water - The effectiveness of water treatment processes - Their survival and amplification in the distribution system - Gaps in our knowledge about them



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