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Project:  Biosensors
Research institute: Department of Biochemistry , Faculty of Science, MU Brno
Biosensors are smart bioanalytical devices consisting of a biochemical recognition element immobilized on the surface of a suitable physico-chemical transducer. Our research is focused on biorecognition elements as antibodies and enzymes in combination with electrochemical sensors and piezoelectric quartz crystals.
Most important results or innovations
The project MEBFOOD (orion.chemi.muni.cz/pskl/meb.html) has provided a multichannel electrochemical biosensor system (MEB) suitable for the detection of triazine pesticides in food samples. The project INTELLISENS (www.analykem.lu.se/intellisens/index.htm) is focused on intelligent biosensors for waste water characterization; a cholinesterase-based sensor was integrated within multienzyme electrochemical sensing arrays and portable biosensor instrumentation (prototypes MEBEX and MEBEXIM - impedance measurements) was developed. The project CELLSENS (www.analykem.lu.se/cellsens/authenticate.asp) is aimed on the substitution of experiments on laboratory animals by cell-culture based sensing platforms as microplates and biochips; the production of NO and reactive oxygen species is monitored using embeded electrochemical sensors. Highly-sensitive multichannel potentiostats with computer control are developed including specialized software. The project ANTIBODIES involves biosensor-based sensing and monitoring systems for rapid detection of nerve and biological agents; electrochemical immunosensors are integrated in portable semiautomated flow analyzers. Finally, piezoelectric quartz sensors are used for direct characterization of affinity interactions in real time as well as for bioanalytical label-free detection of environmental (pesticides, polychlorinated biphenyls) and clinical (albumin, osteoprotegerin) analytes. The research team currently involves 4 PhD and 5 MSc students.

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