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Biotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment

Publishing: Diagnosis Press

Biotechnology & Biotechnological Equipment (B&BE)(ISSN: 1310-2818) is an international scientific peer review journal which publishes original research articles and reviews in the field of modern and traditional biotechnologies and pharmacy. The journal \"Biotechnology and Industry\" was established in 1984. In 1992 its thematic and graphical conception was changed, and it started to be published only in English language under the title \"Biotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment\" as a publication of \"Diagnosis Presss LTD\"

Distribution of knowledge

The journal\'s objective is to become one of the leaders in the knowledge distribution in Central and Eastern Europe. This can be achieved by actual themes selected to represent the importance of biotechnologies as alternative solutions not only for healthy life, but also more environmental friendly processes, and even food supply.

Popularization of scientific discoveries

The journal is a forum for competent opinions published as editorial reviews and publications from leading scientists such as these under the themes in the journal\'s main platforms:

Agricultural biotechnologies:

  • Strategic vision for plant biotechnology and genomics development;
  • The evolution of competitive advantage for nations in the agriculture plant biotechnology industrial sector;
  • Food biotechnology: promising havoc or hope for the poor?

Medical and pharmaceutical biotechnologies:

  • Human Papiloma virsuses: realities and perspectives;
  • Generics-present and future;

Education and basic science:

  • The system of training on biotechnology in Bulgaria - features and problems;
  • New European view of education;
  • Was Darwin right in adopting the motto \"Natura non fasit saltus\"?

The popularization and better understanding of the importance of the scientific discoveries by the society, especially in the developing countries is a continuing process, in which the journal is an essential factor.



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