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Short Protocols in Human Genetics


Short Protocols in Human Genetics is a compendium of methods from Current Protocols in Human Genetics, part of the well-known series that set the standard of excellence for laboratory manuals. Short Protocols in Human Genetics provides coverage of the latest methods in human genetics, including collecting family histories and pedigrees, linkage analysis, molecular genetics, physical mapping, clinical testing, and cytogenetics. Chapter 1: Genetic Mapping. Chapter 2: Genotyping. Chapter 3: Somatic Cell Hybrids. Chapter 4: Cytogenetics. Chapter 5: Strategies for Large-Insert Cloning and Analysis. Chapter 6: Identifying Candidate Genes in Genomic DNA. Chapter 7: Searching Candidate Genes for Mutations. Chapter 8: Clinical Cytogenetics. Chapter 9: Clinical Molecular Genetics. Chapter 10: Cancer Genetics. Chapter 11: Transcriptional Profiling. Chapter 12: Vectors for Gene Therapy. Chapter 13: Delivery Systems for Gene Therapy.



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