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Research associate/ Staff scientist Signal pathways and molecular target profiling

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Research associate/ Staff scientist 

Signal pathways and molecular target profiling

CZ-OPENSCREEN: National Infrastructure of Chemical Biology (Institute of Molecular Genetics, Prague) is seeking a highly and self-motivated candidate for multi-disciplinary projects focusing on the development of selective probes and drug candidates. CZ-OPENSCREEN operates state-of-the-art automated robotic systems for compound management and compound profiling and the candidate will employ these technologies to conduct high throughput screenings with libraries of small molecules, support optimization of lead candidates for optimal biological profile, elucidate molecular mechanism of action and target engagement.

Job description

  • Assay development for high-throughput profiling of compound libraries using cell-based and biochemical assays
  • Conduct high-throughput screening campaigns
  • Set up methods relevant for the development of small bioactive molecules (in vitro binding and enzymatic assays, cell-based reporter assays, CETSA, high-content microscopy, phenotype-based assays using widefield/confocal microscopy and label-free impedance-based technology etc.)
  • Data analysis: Advanced image analysis, data mining of large data sets, cellular signaling pathways deconvolution
  • Independent conduction of experiments and data analysis from compound profiling experiments
  • Reporting of data at regular project meetings and preparation of manuscripts
  • Coordination of small team of specialists and technicians supporting operation of infrastructure on daily basis

Required skills/qualification:

  • PhD in biochemistry, molecular/cell biology or related biomedical areas
  • Knowledge of cell signaling and biochemical pathways
  • Experience in techniques for cell culture work, DNA cloning and protein biochemistry.
  • Good social skills, ability to collaborate with other team members
  • Organization skills and effective time planning, ability to work systematically
  • Ability to present and publish results of scientific work
  • Independence, creativity, flexibility, abstract and critical thinking
  • Good verbal and written communication in English

Salary and additional information: We offer competitive salary dependent on candidate’s experience. The contract is initially for 1 year with the possible extension up to 5 years.

Unique opportunity to work at state-of-the-art infrastructure in the multidisciplinary team of biochemists, biologists, medicinal chemists and cheminformaticians.

Social benefits:

5 weeks of vacations, sport facilities (squash, volleyball and basketball and fitness) are available at the campus.

Employment type: Full-time contract

Expected starting date: September 2019

How to apply:

The job application should consist of Cover letter and structured CV to be sent to Mrs. Jana Brazinova ( jana.brazinova@img.cas.cz ). For further information about our infrastructure and institute, please visit the following websites:





Kontaktní osoba:
Jana Brazinova



+420 241 063 255

Vloženo: 10.3.2019



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