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Cost-efficient molecular point of care diagnostic platform for environmental/food safety testing and dental diagnostics

18.9.2018   |   Mezinárodní spolupráce

A German SME experienced in molecular diagnostics has developed a poprietary cartridge-based sample-to-answer point-of-care diagnostic platform. In contrast to conventional methods "laymen" can carry out laboratory analysis because after sample dispensing the process runs automated. The result is available in 30-60 minutes. Industrial partners...

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Surface modification with thin polymer coatings offered

11.9.2018   |   Mezinárodní spolupráce

A German research institute develops thin polymer coatings to provide surfaces with a variety of functionalities for multiple applications. Antibacterial or drug releasing activity can be addressed as well as friction reduction or water repellency. Application fields are medical devices in long-term or short-term body contact (e.g. vascular...

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Highly efficient protein rich biofertilizer for agricultural yield increase and crop quality traits enhancement

4.9.2018   |   Mezinárodní spolupráce

A Spanish technology-based company has developed a liquid biofertilizer, phosphate-free, rich in protein, 100% spirulina based that can be used in organic agriculture. This biostimulant can be applied to a wide variety of crops, such us, wine, citrus trees, olive trees, as well as ornamental plants and grass. The company is looking for commercial...

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Optimization of therapeutic oligonucleotide efficacy for the treatment of solid tumours by innovative nanoparticles

27.8.2018   |   Mezinárodní spolupráce

A Dutch clinical stage company is developing a new generation of nanomedicines. Their aim is to use their nanoparticle technology to improve the efficacy and safety profiles of current and novel drugs for the treatment of solid tumours. As part of their development strategy, they are looking for a license and/or technical cooperation agreement...

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A French SME is looking for process or technology of producing bio organic acids

20.8.2018   |   Mezinárodní spolupráce

An innovative French SME is developing and producing environmental friendly products like de-icing salts, weed-killers, dust suppressant or flame retardant. The production of these compositions uses organic acids, now produced in the chemical industry from non-renewable sources. The company is looking for a process to produce such acids from...

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A Lithuanian SME is looking for a natural plant extracting technology

13.8.2018   |   Mezinárodní spolupráce

Based in Lithuania, the SME is expanding its business adding a new specialization to their profile - production of dry plant and fruit extracts using supercritical carbon dioxide method. The company is looking for a technology and/or equipment company, for a collaboration opportunity under the commercial with technical assistance, joint venture...

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Innovative biological biomaterial for surgical applications

6.8.2018   |   Mezinárodní spolupráce

The company is an Italian startup, founded in 2014 by an academic research group. It offers innovative biological substitutes for surgical applications, with high biocompatibility, for soft tissue repair and regeneration. Technical and research cooperation agreements with EU companies and research institutions active in the field of medical...

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Peptide for cancer control linked to IL13Ralpha2 overexpression

30.7.2018   |   Mezinárodní spolupráce

A Spanish Research Public Organization has developed a peptide capable of inhibiting the signaling of Interleukin 13 mediated by interleukin 13 receptor The peptide alone or within a nanoparticle or virus-like particles can be used in a pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of pathologies in which it is overexpressed: control of metastasis...

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Anti-tuberculosis drug

23.7.2018   |   Mezinárodní spolupráce

A German university offers lansoprazole sulfide as a drug to treat tuberculosis. The new drug is also active against multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. It has been tested in-vitro and in-vivo. Partners from the pharmaceutical industry are sought for licensing agreements.

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Flash burn inhibitor technology sought for application in skin barrier cream formulation

16.7.2018   |   Mezinárodní spolupráce

A UK SME with an established range of skin barrier creams seeks collaborations to enhance their technical characteristics to reduce flash burns resulting from direct or indirect exposure to explosive gases, light or thermal radiation. They seek partnerships through either a commercial agreement with any required technical support for product...

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