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DNA Amplification: Current Technologies and Applications


Autoři: Editors: Vadim V. Demidov and Natalia E. Broude Boston University, USA
Vydavatelství: Horizon Bioscience
Vydáno: July 2004
DNA amplification is the cornerstone of modern biotechnology and it is also a key procedure in numerous basic studies involving DNA and other biomolecules. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is still the most popular amplification method, however alternatives to PCR have successfully invaded the area. The emergence of such methodologies has significantly widened the range of approaches for DNA amplification and dramatically improved the technological abilities of basic and applied researchers in various fields of life sciences. Whereas most books on DNA amplification focus on PCR-based technologies, this volume presents a wider range of methods to amplify DNA with an emphasis on their diverse applications. The book covers both well-established and newly-developed protocols including ligation-based thermocycling approaches, real-time PCR and other new PCR developments, plus several powerful non-PCR isothermal DNA amplification techniques, for example: real-time strand displacement amplification (SDA), rolling-circle amplification (RCA) and multiple-displacement amplification (MDA). An entire section is devoted to a group of enzymes, both natural and engineered, which are employed for DNA amplification and related purposes. In addition, the use of DNA amplification in the detection of non-DNA analytes is presented. Written and edited by leading experts in the field, this book serves as a practical tool and an invaluable reference source for a broad audience of academic researchers and industry biotechnologists who use DNA amplification techniques.



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