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The Chromatographic Society

Name:  The Chromatographic Society
Link: http://www.chromsoc.com/#
Description: The Chromatographic Society is an international organisation devoted to the promotion and dissemination of knowledge on all aspects of chromatography and related separation techniques. It was first established as the Gas Chromatography Discussion Group in 1956 with A.T. James as its chairman and D.H. Desty as secretary.

2006 dawns as the golden jubilee anniversary year for the Chromatographic Society. Founded as the chromatography discussion group in 1956, the popular society has just reached middle age!

We are planning a year that will be replete with symposia and conferences that cover many of the diverse areas and application of separation science. We will be reflecting on our past achievements and projecting into the future the direction of chromatography and the society. This is probably the busiest and most ambitious year ever for the society and its executive committee. Now established with Meeting Makers, we set out the year to showcase the progression of science and technology in this exciting and rapidly moving field of analytical chemistry. Our efforts are being supported vigorously a by a number of instrument manufacturers who will partner us in ensuring the coverage and depth of our programmes and to allow the latest instrumentation to be exhibited alongside the presentations of the science.

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