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Phosporus in Environmental Technology

This book provides a definite and detailed presentation of state–of–the–ar...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 22:59:20)

Manual of Environmental Microbiology

The basic principles of environmental microbiology and general analytical method...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 22:59:15)

Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology

Chapters concerned with environmental biotechnology cover two major categories o...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 22:59:12)

Global Environmental Biotechnology

The following topics are covered: metals, mine drainage, removal and toxicity, w...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 22:59:08)

Environmental Microbiology: Principles and Applications

This book is unique in that the subject is approached from a history of microbes...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 22:59:04)

Encyclopedia of Environmental Microbiology

This six-volume set, with over 3,500 pages, contains 320 contributions from more...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 22:59:00)

Bioremediation: a critical review

Covered in this publication are chapters on the history and current state of bio...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 22:58:51)

Biodegradation Technology Developments

Bioremedation of soils, biological waste water and gas cleaning, aerobic and ana...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 22:58:48)

Applied Bioremediation and Phytoremediation

Bioremediation is a rapidly advancing field and new bio-based remedial technolog...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 22:58:41)

Biology and Biotechnology: Science, Applications, and Issues  

Textbook designed to provide analytical strategies necessary to make informed de...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 10:13:21)

Encyclopedia of Biodiversity, Five-Volume Set

First used in 1980, "biodiversity" often describes the abundance, variety, and g...


Environmental Concerns in Rights-of-Way Management: Seventh International Symposium

The symposium addressed environmental issues in rights-of-way planning and manag...


Environmental Foresight and Models

Policy-makers and the public, it has famously been said, are more interested in ...


25 Years of Advances in Water Resources

This volume assembles a broad range of comprehensive, scholarly works in the fie...


Solid Waste: Assessment, Monitoring and Remediation

This book covers a broad group of wastes, from biowaste to hazardous waste, but ...


The Institutional Economics of Market-Based Climate Policy

The objective of this book is to analyze the institutional barriers to implement...


Basic Science Concepts and Applications for Wastewater

Science principles and operational calculations related to the wastewater treatm...


Compilation of ASTM Standards Relating to Wastewater and Stormwater

Now, professionals working in wastewater or stormwater collection, treatment, an...


Algae Detection and Removal Strategies for Drinking Water Treatment Plants

This new water treatment guidance manual provides specific strategies, and the s...


Computer-Based Environmental Management

This book provides professionals in environmental research and management with t...



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