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Proteome and Protein Analysis


Autoři: R. M. Kamp, D. Kyriakidis, th Choli-Papadopoulou
Vydavatelství: Springer-Verlag Telos
Vydáno: 1999
Selected papers presented at the MPSA 98 are covering new, sensitive and rapid methods for the analysis of proteins, with special emphasis on the total cell proteins, the proteome. In addition to the experimental details, the advantages and limitations of the methodological approaches are discussed. Topics included are: Protein sequencing analysis, protein and peptide sample preparation, mass spectrometry, NMR, analysis of post-translational modifications, purification of recombinant proteins, protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions, structure prediction, modeling and protein folding, functional implications of protein domains and newly emerging methods for the investigation of the proteome, allowing to analyse the expression of genes.



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