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Nuclear Receptor Signaling

Publishing: Nuclear Receptor Signaling Atlas

Published: since 2003

In order to sustain the pace of research in the field, we have proposed the implementation of a Nuclear Receptor Signaling Atlas (NURSA), a resource within which bioinformatic and bench research efforts can be pursued in a synergistic and multidisciplinary approach on a common intellectual and technological platform. The primary directive of the NURSA program is to gather and organize information relating to key aspects of orphan nuclear receptor biology, with the aim of extending this blueprint to the wider discipline of nuclear receptor signaling. Commensurate with this directive, NURSA\'s goals can be distilled into two broad aims: (i) to execute research strategies designed to rapidly and efficiently elucidate those facets of orphan nuclear receptor biology we deem most critical to its understanding; and (ii) to facilitate the generation of hypotheses, design of experiments and communication of results by scientists active in this field. We anticipate that this initiative will provide a valuable service to the nuclear receptor community by developing a web-accessible bioinformatics resource, in which current and emerging data will be organized into more accessible and \"user-mineable\" forms.



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