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UK Research Institute with new spectroscopy technology seeks industrial partners

2.9.2015   |   Mezinárodní spolupráce

A UK Research Institute in Northern Ireland has developed a laboratory analysis tool (spectroscopy substrate) which is cheaper and more powerful than others. Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) is used to detect very small amounts of biomolecules, on a specially designed substrate (base layer). The institute are seeking industrial partners...

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Novel fibros drug test model

31.8.2015   |   Mezinárodní spolupráce

A university spin-off SME in northern Sweden offers a new pre-clinical model for testing new anti-fibrotic and anti-inflammatory drugs. The new model shortens and simplifies the tests, lowering the cost and performs considerably better than the ones existing today. The SME is looking for partners that develop anti-fibrotic drugs or...

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Valorization of biomasses in urban areas by means of biological processes

27.8.2015   |   Mezinárodní spolupráce

A renowned German Research Institute specialised in the exploitation of biomass seeks development partners for the establishment of a pilot plant for the continuous production of lactic acid. This way the development of innovative and organic waste based biotechnological processes can be carried out in larger scale. Testing organic waste streams...

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Commercialisation of diagnostics on a shared risk basis

25.8.2015   |   Mezinárodní spolupráce

An East of England company has world leading expertise and facilities for undertaking full projects in developing and commercialising point-of-care tests. Having good networks with large companies and academia, they now seek strategic partnerships with SMEs for shared risk product development and commercialisation. The type of collaborations will...

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Partner sought for new drug development for diabetes therapy by means of protein kinase MST-1

21.8.2015   |   Mezinárodní spolupráce

The centre for biomolecular interactions of a German university is looking for a partner for diabetes drug development by means of a license agreement, research cooperation or technical cooperation agreement.

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Non-centrifugation based plasma sample preparation technology

19.8.2015   |   Mezinárodní spolupráce

A UK-based SME is looking for companies that have technology, products and expertise that would allow for plasma separation of blood samples within 15 minutes without using centrifugation and that can be used in resource limited settings. Ideally these companies will also have fluid volume control and delivery capabilities. The SME is seeking...

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A Japanese firm is offering a newly patented technology on peristaltic pumps for licensing or to be sold to EU companies

17.8.2015   |   Mezinárodní spolupráce

A Japanese firm is offering a newly patented technology on peristaltic pumps for licensing or to be sold to EU companies. The technology provides long-term reliable and precise pumping operation by keeping the flow rate of liquids constant during the pumping process. The technology can be applied to medical, bio and other scientific...

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Looking for collaboration with a research team specialized in cancers biotargeting with nanoparticles and phototherapy equipment

13.8.2015   |   Mezinárodní spolupráce

A French biotech SME is looking for a joint venture with a biotech company or a research team having a phototherapy equipment and/or skills for one and two-photon irradiations. The company develops new glyco and nanovectors for the therapeutic targeting of lysosomal rare disorders and cancers. The team wants to produce a nanoparticules prototype...

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Development of custom-made oligonucleotides for use in innovative applications in genetics, molecular biology, biotechnology and nanotechnology

11.8.2015   |   Mezinárodní spolupráce

A UK oligonucleotide synthesis company specialising in chemically modified and complex DNA analogues is seeking partners who require custom-made oligonucleotides with unusual or difficult modifications, towards the co-development of novel applications in a range of sectors, including genetics and biotechnology. They are seeking joint ventures,...

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Novel stem cell therapy for treatments of ailments affecting locomotor apparatus in animals

7.8.2015   |   Mezinárodní spolupráce

A Slovenian SME offers a novel cell therapy for treatments of arthritis, hip dysplasia and cartilage for animals. Process is unstressful for animals and features no side effects. The company has already developed a network of veterinary clinics which are regularly using their novel cell therapy for treatments of ailments affecting locomotor...

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