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Practical guide for regional policy actions


Download: Practical guide for regional policy actions


Although innovation cannot be ‘created' by public institutions, it can be promoted or fostered by those interested in doing so. However this requires political will to invest the appropriate human and financial resources, education, planning, public policy that lowers barriers to innovative actions and especially in Europe a willingness to collaborate between different sectors, industries and regions.

As a result of these factors, regional development policies can play a central role in either stimulating or hindering innovation. The Innovation for Welfare (I4W, http://www.innovation4welfare.eu ) project funded under the 1st call of Interreg IVC was created specifically to improve the effectiveness of regional development policies by stimulating innovation in the field of welfare. I4W is doing this by focusing its activities on 6 participating EU regions (Catalonia, Estonia, Lombardy, Noord-Brabant, South West Bohemia and Upper Austria). In addition to having an impact within the participating regions, important questions in general pertaining to the stimulation of innovation are being addressed, such as: what are effective methods for transferring innovation between communities and sectors and how to build sustainability into innovation promotion systems.

More information about the project you can find here:  www.innovation4welfare.eu


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