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Computational Genomics: Theory and Application


Autoři: Editor: Richard P. Grant Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK
Vydavatelství: Horizon Bioscience
Vydáno: September 2004
Written by leading international experts this comprehensive book details the application of current computational methods to DNA and protein science. The subjects covered range from the theory and practice of simple database searching and sophisticated multiple sequence manipulation, through structure prediction and proteomic databases, to hardcore data analysis and the latest developments in user interface and conceptualization. Topics are covered in depth but with a practical approach that enables biologists to perform analyses and comparisons of sequence data and to determine functional and structural characteristics of proteins. In particular the book aims to provide an understanding of the ways in which such analyses and comparisons are performed in order to help the scientist to be more effective in performing such tasks and interpreting the results. This major new work is an invaluable laboratory manual for all scientists engaged in computational biology and genomics. Topics covered include database searches, sequence analysis and comparison, multiple sequence analysis, large-scale EST analysis, genome browsing, protein structure prediction, microarray data analysis, and proteomics. Suitable for bioscientists who are just getting to grips with computational biology the book also offers enough detail to act as a guide for experienced bioinformaticians at the cutting edge of the technology. The book is also useful as a teaching reference.



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