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Agricultural Association of the Czech Republic

Address: Hybernská 38
11000 Praha 1
Česká republika


Telephone: +420224225730




WWW: http://www.zemsvazpraha.cz/



The Agricultural Association of the Czech Republic was founded on December 6, 2001. The basic principles of the Agricultural Association structure are determined above all by the topical situation and especially by the requirements of the modern business activities in the Czech agriculture and as well as in the European Union.

Resulting from these determining points and their social meaning, the Agricultural Association of the Czech Republic is be built and provides:
As an organisation of agricultural business entities (either of big businessmen – physical or legal persons of various legal forms, co-operatives, joint stock companies, companies Ltd., etc.).
As the most important interest organisation above all of the business entities in the agriculture.
As an organisation which aim is to associate owners of the agricultural enterprises working out the decisive part of agricultural production and operating on the decisive part of the agricultural land of the Czech Republic.
As an organisation, which enforces self-confidently, reasonably and consequentially the entitled interests of its members either in the Czech Republic or in the frame of the European Union.
As an organisation which really serves to its members.
As an open, voluntary, non political and self administered organisation.
To fulfil the above mentioned aims we came out in development of the Agricultural Association on the one hand from the experience of the Association of the Agricultural Co-operatives and Companies and on the other hand from the experience of the analogous interest organisations of the EU countries, especially those of Germany, Great Britain and Austria.



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