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Workgroup Bioinformatics of the KNCV

Name:  Workgroup Bioinformatics of the KNCV
Link: http://www.cmbi.ru.nl/wgbioinf/
Description:The goal of the Workgroup Bioinformatics, which is linked to both the KNCV and the NVBMB, is to stimulate the bioinformatics research and education in The Netherlands. The workgroup wishes to achieve this by means to:

* Focus on national strength within the field of bioinformatics
* Set up information programs regarding bioinformatics
* Offer a discussion platform for all information relevant and for all people interested in the field of bioinformatics
* Organize meetings and symposiums
* Improve networks between universities, technical schools, research institutes, and industry
* Improve contacts with international bioinformatics organizations

The target group of the workgroup is larger than chemists and molecular biologists only: also medics, fysicists, informaticians and mathematicians, working in this field, are welcome.

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