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UK based multinational company seeks novel antimicrobial technologies for a range of possible applications under licensing agreement or technical cooperation

Datum: 19.4.2019 


A UK-based chemical company is looking for novel safe antimicrobial technologies for multiple applications. The company is willing to invest to develop further and register the technology in Europe under BPR (Biocide Product Regulation) and elsewhere with a view to sell the technology in coatings, textiles, polymers, adhesives and elastomers. The chemical company seeks to partner with universities, research institutes and companies in the form of licensing agreement or technical cooperation.

Reference: TRUK20181207001

Country: UK

Submitted: 19. 4. 2018

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Technology: Special chemicals, intermediates; Virus, Virology/Antibiotics/Bacteriology; Single Use Products and Consumer Goods

Market: Coatings and adhesives manufactures; Speciality/performance chemicals

NACE: Manufacture of other inorganic basic chemicals; Manufacture of other organic basic chemicals; Manufacture of other chemical products n.e.c.


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