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The Institute for Genome Sciences & Policy

Name:  The Institute for Genome Sciences & Policy
Link: http://www.genome.duke.edu
Description:he Institute for Genome Sciences & Policy is Duke University’s response to the Genome Revolution, with global, comprehensive approaches to the study of life. We — scientists and the public together — stand at a new threshold leading to deeper understanding and enhancement of the human experience. What distinguishes IGSP is its breadth and its purposeful focus on health and social policy. We bring together scientists, engineers, physicians, lawyers, policymakers, business leaders, economists, ethicists, humanists and students to explore the genome, embrace its potential and enrich the human condition.

Areas of Expertise:

* Ethics, law and policy in genome sciences
* Genomic medicine
* Genome technology and its applications
* Computational genome sciences
* Connecting genome sciences to society
* Pharmacogenetics
* Population genomics
* Evolutionary genomics

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