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SWISS-MODEL: An Automated Comparative Protein Modelling Server

Name:  SWISS-MODEL: An Automated Comparative Protein Modelling Server
Link: http://swissmodel.expasy.org//SWISS-MODEL.html
Description:SWISS-MODEL is a fully automated protein structure homology-modeling server, accessible via the ExPASy web server, or from the program DeepView (Swiss Pdb-Viewer). The purpose of this server is to make Protein Modelling accessible to all biochemists and molecular biologists World Wide.
SWISS-MODEL was initiated in 1993 by Manuel Peitsch, and is now being further developed within the SIB - Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics in collaboration between Torsten Schwede at the Structural Bioinformatics Group, Biozentrum (University of Basel) and Nicolas Guex at GlaxoSmithKline.

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