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Scanning Electron Microscopy and X-ray Microanalysis


Autoři: Joseph Goldstein, Dale E. Newbury, David C. Joy, Charles E. Lyman, Patrick Echlin, Eric Lifshin, L.C. Sawyer, J.R. Michael
Vydavatelství: Springer
Vydáno: 2003
Providing a comprehensive introduction to the capabilities and use of scanning electron microscopes (SEM) and x-ray spectrometers, this highly acclaimed text emphasizes practical aspects of imaging and analysis for a broad audience of students and practitioners whose backgrounds span a wide range of science and technology. Topics discussed include user-controlled functions of scanning electron microscopes and x-ray spectrometers, the characteristics of electron beam - specimen interactions, image formation and interpretation, the use of x-rays for qualitative and quantitative analysis and the methodology for structural analysis using electron back-scatter diffraction. SEM sample preparation methods for hard materials, polymers, and biological specimens are covered in separate chapters. In addition, techniques for the elimination of charging in non-conducting specimens are detailed. A database of useful parameters for SEM and X-ray micro-analysis calculations and enhancements to the text chapters are available on an accompanying CD. This third edition has been extensively revised, including new sections on: Variable-pressure SEM, Electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD), Recent developments in x-ray detectors, and expanded coverage of: Low-voltage SEM, X-ray mapping, Specimen preparation. The text has been used in educating over 3,000 students at the Lehigh Microscopy School SEM short course as well as thousands of undergraduate and graduate students at universities worldwide.



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