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San Diego Bioinformatics Forum

Name:  San Diego Bioinformatics Forum
Link: http://www.sdbioinfo.org/
Description:The San Diego Bioinformatics Forum (SDBF) is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to promoting a greater understanding of bioinformatics in the local biotech industry and facilitating quality networking within the community. It is modeled after the San Diego Biotechnology Discussion Group, which has been operating with great success for nearly a decade.

Our meetings provide a convenient and enjoyable forum for learning about new bioinformatics technologies and their practical application in local businesses, and keeping up-to-date on the dynamics of this field in San Diego. Moreover, SDBF meetings act as a catalyst for the development of business-related and scientific ideas, and for the establishment of valuable professional relationships. Additionally, SDBF participants are encouraged to share information about employment opportunities and various professional activities in the San Diego area.

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