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Optimization of therapeutic oligonucleotide efficacy for the treatment of solid tumours by innovative nanoparticles

Datum: 27.8.2018 


A Dutch clinical stage company is developing a new generation of nanomedicines. Their aim is to use their nanoparticle technology to improve the efficacy and safety profiles of current and novel drugs for the treatment of solid tumours.

As part of their development strategy, they are looking for a license and/or technical cooperation agreement with academic research labs to exploit their nanoparticles for enhanced tumour targeting of new oligonucleotides with therapeutic potential.

Reference: TRNL20180531001

Country: Netherlands

Submitted: 27. 8. 2018

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Technology: Clinical Research, Trials, Cytology, Cancerology, Oncology, Medical Research, Pharmaceutical Products / Drugs

Market: Drug delivery and other equipment, Oncology, Pharmaceuticals/fine chemicals

NACE: Research and experimental development on biotechnology, Other human health activities


Technologické nabídky a poptávky zpracovává BIC Plzeň, partner sítě Enterprise Europe Network.



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