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Name:  NanoToBio
Link: http://www.pcb.ub.es/pcbprojects/nanotobio/index.html
Description:It is the right time to fundamentally structure and integrate the European nanobiotechnology community. Nanobiotechnology is now emerging due to the absolute novelty of its highly interdisciplinary scientific field combining what were previously separate, autonomous, and to some extent unrelated disciplines.

The European Federation of Biotechnology established the first Section on NanoBiotechnology in conjunction with Nano2Life, the Network of Excellence running since february 2004. The different fields of nanobiotechnology are finding impressive applications in those traditionally addressed by biotechnology: medical or biological diagnostics, drug discovery and delivery, medical applications, food and environmental monitoring.

The scientific focus of nanobiotechnology lies mainly on a viable interface between biological and non-biological entities at the nanoscale. Communication is vital for the successful interface between these two "worlds" (bio and nano) leading to breakthroughs in the design of new nanobio-tools and nanosensors having unforeseen potential especially for medical devices, the pharmaceutical and food industries, and other application fields, e.g., process technology or environmental monitoring.

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