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Technology for production of substances for remediation of soil from oil pollution

12.4.2018   |   Mezinárodní spolupráce

A company from Latvia engaged in bioreactor production has developed technology for production of bacterial material for remediation of oil-product polluted soil. The bacterial material is produced in bioreactor system and further is used for soil remediation. The technology is environmentally friendly and has proven its effectiveness in praxis....

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Licensing Partner sought for new class of Antibiotics effective against common and severe infections

5.4.2018   |   Mezinárodní spolupráce

A German University is searching a licensing partner for a newly developed class of Antibiotics against Gram-positive bacteria. Among them are some of the most dangerous pathogens for humans. It can be applied as an antibiotic or as a probiotic. Advantages of this new class are very rapid killing of pathogenic bacteria, low toxicity and an assumed...

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British company seeks encapsulation and release technologies for agrochemical applications

29.3.2018   |   Mezinárodní spolupráce

A British company that provides technical consultancy services in the field of formulation science seeks novel encapsulation and release technologies for agrochemical applications. The technologies should provide increased stability, better compatibility or better sustained-release. The company is primarily looking for license or commercial...

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Looking for space technologies which could be transfered to the health and medical care sector

21.3.2018   |   Mezinárodní spolupráce

The French start-up specializes in technology transfer from the space sector to the health and medical care sector. The company is looking for partners for a research cooperation agreement to start new R&D projects in a partnership model.

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In-situ, early detection technology for water and soil-borne plant diseases offered for collaborative development of crop-specific applications

16.3.2018   |   Mezinárodní spolupráce

A UK agri-tech SME has developed the first, in-situ early detection technology for plant disease with huge potential to improve crop yields and guide sustainable use of pesticides globally. The company seeks partners for joint development of specific applications under joint venture, research cooperation, finance and technical cooperation...

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New technology for producing hydrogen from liquid organic waste

12.3.2018   |   Mezinárodní spolupráce

A Spanish engineering company has developed a new low-carbon system for producing hydrogen, mainly based on production of H2-gas, from liquid or liquefied organic bio and non-biodegradable waste, to be transformed into electricity through cogeneration or to obtain a pure H2 by purification techniques. Industrial partners are sought for commercial...

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Closed type greenhouse for vegetable breeding

7.3.2018   |   Mezinárodní spolupráce

A project group from Latvia offers a technology for construction of closed type hi-tech greenhouse. The greenhouse complex is suitable for production of large quantity of fresh and ecological food. The 4 hectare greenhouse complex with appropriate infrastructure optimises costs for heating and minimises emissions in atmosphere. The project group...

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Established Slovak research centre is offering pheromone insect traps suitable for capturing bark and wood boring beetles with the purpose of monitoring and inspection of forest protection

1.3.2018   |   Mezinárodní spolupráce

Established Slovak research centre has developed highly effective pheromone insect traps suitable for capturing bark and wood boring beetles with the purpose of monitoring and inspection of forest protection. The pheromone trap is available in two different shape variants, both providing high quality of collected samples, and 20 - 30% increase in...

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Antimicrobial coating for healthcare applications using electro-spinning

21.2.2018   |   Mezinárodní spolupráce

A Singapore hospital has developed a one-step crosslinking method to manufacture durable, non-leaching antimicrobial coatings compatible with varied substrates. It facilitates the development of protective coatings with antimicrobial agents such as antimicrobial metal ions, cationic antiseptic polymers and antibiotics without loss of antimicrobial...

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Tailored materials development for 3D printing with Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) technology

14.2.2018   |   Mezinárodní spolupráce

A Spanish research centre, specialised in plastics and composite materials, offers development of tailored polymer materials for 3D printing. The centre is equipped with high performance single-spindle extrusion equipment and a twin-screw extruder for mixtures.It is looking for partners as 3D additive manufacturers coming from a wide range of...

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