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Licensing Partner sought for new class of Antibiotics effective against common and severe infections

Datum: 5.4.2018 


A German University is searching a licensing partner for a newly developed class of Antibiotics against Gram-positive bacteria. Among them are some of the most dangerous pathogens for humans. It can be applied as an antibiotic or as a probiotic. Advantages of this new class are very rapid killing of pathogenic bacteria, low toxicity and an assumed targeting of structures, so far not covered by established antibiotics.

Reference: TODE20171228001

Country: Germany

Submitted: 5. 4. 2018

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Technology: Virus, Virology/Antibiotics/Bacteriology

Market: Drug delivery and other equipment, Surgery and Anaesthesiology

NACE: Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering


Technologické nabídky a poptávky zpracovává BIC Plzeň, partner sítě Enterprise Europe Network.




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