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Israelská společnost hledá partnera pro společný výzkum imunomodulačního peptidu

Datum: 4.4.2012 

The Israeli company is a clinical stage biotechnology company that develops therapeutics for diseases mediated by an excessive inflammatory response. The company focuses on novel modulators of the immune response that act broadly to attenuate excessive cytokine responses underlying disease, with therapeutic applications ranging from infectious to inflammatory/autoimmune diseases. These applications represent areas with major unmet medical need.

The Israeli company discovered a novel mechanism underlying harmful inflammatory cytokine responses, allowing the company to modulate this response with rationally designed short peptides. These proprietary peptides act as antagonists that inhibit immune over-reaction early in the inflammatory cascade while preserving normal immune responses.

The company is looking for technical collaborations in the field of In-vivo testing and clinical trials of its lead compound in the areas of Cardiac Ischemia – Reperfusion injury and Multiple Myeloma.
Technical Specifications / Specific technical requirements of the request

The selected partner should be either an academic lab, contract research organization – CRO or a research lab with the capacity of holding a comprehensive research and development plan by either cell based and in-vitro assays, or in-vivo animal disease models. The capacity should be such that the company can rely on its expertise in order to establish either a significant progress in understanding the compound’s Mechanism of Action and establish basic Proof of Concept animal models for diseases and indications mentioned above.
Current and Potential Domain of Application

Cardiovascular reperfusion injury following procedures to reverse Ischemia is one of the major causes for mortality of heart disease patients. The involvement of the immune system in establishment of Myocardial Infarction post ischemia is due to infiltration of immune cells, mostly Monocytes, into the reperfused tissue. The company believes that its immunomodulatory peptide, might be a good candidate in reducing the damage and help preventing the extensive side effects of Ischemia related treatments.
Also, given the published involvement of over expression of CD28 on multiple myeloma cells in the progression of the diseases, its lead compound, may be a viable clinical target for refractory MM patients.

List of Keywords

Cytology, Cancerology, Oncology
Heart and blood circulation illnesses
Medical Research
Virus, Virology / Antiobiotics / Bacteriology
In vitro Testing, Trials

Collaboration Type

Joint Venture Agreement
Joint further development
Testing of new applications
Adaptation to specific needs

- Type of partner sought: CRO, Academic Research lab, Clinical investigators.

- Specific area of activity of the partner: Animal models, Clinical studies.

- Task to be performed by the partner sought: Development of new indications for AB103, particularly cardiovascular ischemia/reperfusion injury. (Ref: 12 IL 80EP 3O1C )



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