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Immuno-Oncology Summit 2018


Hilton Garden Inn Vienna South, Hertha-Firnberg-Straße 5, 1100 Vienna (October, 3 - 4, 2018)

We are pleased to invite you to the upcoming Immuno-Oncology Summit, scheduled for October 3rd -4th, 2018, in Vienna, Austria.

This Summit is focused on Immuno-Oncology, which is a fast-growing field containing the most promising new cancer treatment approaches since the development of the first chemotherapies.

It will bring together decision makers and industry leaders with both scientific and commercial interests to expand the scientific horizons of Immuno-Oncology and discuss the latest advancements and improvements in research and development, business opportunities in partnering, and investment. We will discuss key findings, critical insights, as well as recommendations for accelerating development in the field.

We are excited to be hosting this Summit in Vienna and we look forward to welcoming you in October!

Key Practical Learning Points of the Summit:

·         Advanced methods, developments, and strategies in Immuno-Oncology

·         The success of antibodies in therapeutics and engineering

·         The true potential of the next generation immune checkpoint pathways

·         Preclinical science

·         Clinical research and clinical trials in therapeutic areas

·         Translation of Immuno-Oncology

·         Revolutionary cancer treatment with personalised cancer vaccines

·         Managing unique immune-mediated adverse reactions and toxicity effects

·         Regulatory aspects of the EU and the rest of the world

·         New industry trends

Více: http://vonlanthengroup.com/en/events/immuno-oncology-summit.html


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