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Cell Differentiation and Development


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Continued from 1988 as Cell Differentiation and Development. Mechanisms of Development is an international journal whose purpose is to communicate contemporary studies in developmental biology with special emphasis on the characterization of molecular mechanisms underlying development processes in either vertebrates or invertebrates. Areas of particular interest include embryogenesis, pattern formation, cell determination and differentiation, specification of tissue type, targetted disruptions of developmental control genes, the roles of transcription factor in development, regulatory hierarchies of gene expression, cell-cell communication and signal transduction in development, as well as post-transcriptional controls of developmental processes such as regulated splicing and protein modification.

Source: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/09223371
ISSN: 0922-3371
Publisher: Elsevier Ireland Ltd.
Published: 1972-1988
Updated: 3.12.2012

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