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Biochemistry of plant-pathogen interactions

Project:  Biochemistry of plant-pathogen interactions
Research institute: Department of Biochemistry , Faculty of Science, MU Brno
The protection of plants against phytopathogens has accompanied the entire history of plant production. The research and understanding of interactions between plants and environmental factors (temperature, stress, drought, parasites, and pollution of environment) has contributed considerably to the development of new methods for improving the resistance of plants against parasites such as insects and bacteria. The laboratory investigates the effect of elicitors, i.e. substances originating from pathogens able to trigger the defense reaction of a plant, and their application. The aim of the research is to understand signal pathways triggering the expression of genes in defense proteins. Prompt detection of presence of pathogens in the soil is an essential condition for the effectiveness of our methods. That is why the object of our research also includes the development of new methods in molecular biology able to trace pathogens, especially in forest soils.

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